The Pin-Up Single Image Targets

Pin-Up Single Image Targets are used in conjunction with our new Pin-Up BackStop Series. We’ve taken our weather and UV resistant, high-definition quality target images, and pared it down to a single target!

Grommets, placed in all four corners for easy placement and hold, are used in conjunction with the Bungee Fasteners that are provided with each Pin-Up Backstop.

You can have the best of all hunting worlds with these beautiful full color targets from our large mix of animals or games!


North American Whitetail Deer

  Black Bear


   Pronghorn Antelope

   Wild Boar

   Whitetail Deer(1)

   Whitetail Deer (2)

  Whitetail Deer (3)

   Whitetail Deer (4)

   Whitetail Deer (5)

   Whitetail Deer(6)

   Alpine Ibex

   Brown Bear

   Red Deer

   Greater Kudu



   Apple Tree Game

   Tic Tac Toe    Darts