GameChanger Original and Snap Shot Covers

Most archery targets get moved in and out of the weather in-between uses. Does this happen with the GameChanger? Not necessarily! Due to the sturdy, weather proof material used in its construction, you can use your GameChanger and leave it where it sits until your next round of target practice. But what about the dust, dirt, leaves and other debris that blows around the yard? Dust covers, of course!

Constructed of durable, water repellant, 300 x 600 denier polyester, the smooth fabric fits snug around your GameChanger Archery Targets. Our covers are strong and tear resistant, allowing for years of use.

Choose from the camoflauge design or solid green. The large will fit both the GameChanger Original and the Full-Size Pin-Up Backstop Series, while the small will work great with the GameChanger Snap Shot and the Portable Pin-Up Backstop Series.

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