The Hit List

Trail camera use has become more widely used due to the absolutely fabulous jump in technology. More and more hunters are utilizing these cameras to find what kind of game is in their hunting area, track movements, plan their fall hunts, or just whet their hunters’ appetite. We’re willing to bet that most of the current hunter’s out there have hundreds of photos of animals you’re just itching to tag!

Sometimes, you get that big one featured on your trail cams. Sometimes not. Now, GameChanger gives you the opportunity to tag it, anytime, with the GameChanger Hit-List personal image roll!

Our unique Hit List option gives you the very best of our original GameChanger, but with YOUR field photos! It’s the perfect tool for an Outfitters “dial-in” range to showcase those trophy animals on your property, or a unique gift for the bow hunting enthusiast that has field photos of that perfect, elusive buck in your private hunting spot.

Create Your Image Roll

Creating your personalized image roll couldn’t be easier! Most of the work is done for you by the trail camera you already use.

  1. Use the highest DPI available on your trail cam. Of course, 300 dpi is best, but definitely not less than 72 dpi.
  2. Image width and height are also dictated by your trail camera. We’ve used images as low as 1648 x 1236 (width = 1648 pixels, height = 1236 pixels).
  3. Call our Customer Service center: 1-910-323-5311. You’ll speak with a service member that will process your order and provide you with an email address to send your photos and other files (such as outfitter logos, etc.) to us for analysis and processing.
  4. Once received, your photos will be reviewed and you will be advised if the photos present any issues.
  5. Your image roll will be created using your direction and shipped in 3-6 weeks!

The most important thing to remember is that the higher the DPI and width/height, the sharper your images will print on the large 48” x 32” image target. Smaller DPI and width/height will offer a less crisp image, and, up close, you may see some distortion. So, check your trail cam settings now so you’ll have the best possible photos to submit!


Price: 229.00

Call GC Archery customer service today for your very own Hit List Image Roll! (910) 323-5311