Paper Tuning Evaluation Sheet


GameChanger™ changes the game again with the introduction of the all new Paper Tuning Evaluation Sheets! Arrow flight accuracy is key, whether you are shooting targets or prey. It can also prove to be a useful value-added selling tool for archery dealers when selling new bows. What customer wouldn’t be impressed when he receives his new bow complete with his very own bow tuner certificate, or “Proof of Flight”?

Each Paper Tuning Evaluation Sheet has an area to note all of the specifications of your bow and arrows for each tuning shot completed. At the bottom you can see a tear legend to help you better interpret your results. Each Paper Tuning Evaluation Sheet is printed on lightweight, 11” X 17” paper, for easy tear analysis, complete with evaluation directions.

Available in packages of 10 or 25 sheets.Using the GameChanger™ Paper Tuner Evaluation Sheet takes the guess-work out of bow tuning for that perfect shot!

Package of 25

Paper Tuning Evaluation Sheets