Turkey Slam Image Roll

Our exclusive target image rolls offer six high-quality, high-definition color wild game animals. UV resistant images show a variety of sporting animals in ethical shooting poses. These are not your common paper targets! The Image Rolls are constructed from waterproof, heavy-duty vinyl attached to two thick plastic image spindles for quick attachment to the framed compression backstop.

Vitals Target Image Rolls
The Vitals Image Rolls prominently shows the heart and lungs of each animal. Perfect for dialing in your bow before the hunt, or simple target shooting. These are available for both the GameChanger Original and the GameChanger SnapShot!

ASA/Universal Target Image Rolls
With the ASA/Universal Scoring Ring Image Rolls, we’ve replaced the vitals area with the ASA/Universal Scoring patterns that blends into the target animal. The ASA Image Rolls are only available for use with our full-size GameChanger Original. Enjoy 3-D target practice without the 3-D money and space required!

The Turkey Slam Game Roll offers six majestic images of the four subspecies of turkeys in the United States that awards the hunter with a “Grand Slam”. Includes: Florida (Osceola), Eastern, Merriam’s, and Rio Grande.


Vitals (Click image gallery below to view)

ASA/Universal Scoring Rings
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