Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long will the GameChanger Image Rolls Last?
A: Each target roll has 6 individual target images. Each image can take upwards of 1500 shots directly into the “vitals” area of the wild game target before becoming unrecognizable. That still leaves the remainder on the target image for practice. For example each target image can be shot, targeting other areas of the animals’ anatomy for target practice allowing you to continue to use each target for thousands and thousands more shots. Then there are 5 additional images to use thereafter.
Q: How long will the GameChanger Target Backstop last?
A: The backstop can withstand up to 20 thousand shots before the individual layers may need to be rearranged. Each time a target is indexed and centered across the front of the target, the “vitals” area moves into a different spot, giving a wider and broader shooting area which spreads out the wear pattern into a much larger area. This keeps the impact spots changing around as you rotate the target images. Periodically check the front face of the backstop for soft spots, and if soft spots are detected, the GameChanger targets systems are designed to let you rearrange and/or flip the layers into a different order allowing for longer life.
Q: Can I leave my GameChanger Archery Target System outside?
A: Yes. All materials that were chosen for the GameChanger system have been selected for all weather conditions. Target rolls are made from reinforced vinyl and printed with Ultraviolet resistant inks which won’t fade in direct sunlight. The backstop components are polyethylene closed cell foam, polyethylene marine grade compression plates, powder coated frame rails, and stainless steel and aluminum hardware. GameChanger Targets may be used for both outdoor and indoor targets and ranges.
Q: Can I buy replacement Backstop material?
A: Replacement layers are available in kits to insure your GameChanger Targets will last for years and years, regardless of how often you shoot. Each kit represents approximately 25% of the original volume of the backstop.

Q: Can broadheads be used?
A: GameChanger Targets are for field point use only. We want you to be able to shoot and practice on aiming at very small targets over and over, which cannot be performed with broadheads. It is our experience that once our hunting arrows are tuned using a suitable broadheads target, they are put away until you use them on a hunt. GameChanger Targets are not only a very effective way to shoot and practice repetitively; they are a lot of fun.Tip: We recommend you match your field point diameter to the diameter of the arrow shaft you are using.
Q: How stable are the targets?
A: The last thing you want is to shoot your target and have it move or fall over. GameChanger targets are very sturdy. The GameChanger original weighs approx. 100 pounds, and the SnapShot weighs approx. 70 pounds. View our GameChanger in action!
Q: How difficult is it to change image rolls?
A: We designed the system to allow image roll replacement to be as simple and as fast as possible. Simply remove the two indexing knobs on top, remove and roll up your old image roll. Then position the bottom of the new image roll onto the bottom plate and position the top of the roll under the top plate. Finally, replace the indexing knobs. It’s as simple as changing a roll of paper towels.
  Q: Is it difficult to pull the arrows out once you’ve show it into the target and backstop material?
A: Not at all. Check out our YouTube video to see how easily they pull out! View our GameChanger in action! 


Q: Is the target self healing?
A: No. The layered construction of the backstop allows for arrows to find their way between the layers, therefore reducing the impact damage greatly, giving the target system an extremely long life span. We feel that the term self-healing is thrown around too loosely when comparing man-made materials.
Q: Are different target images available?
A: Yes. We have many current sets of target images with many more to follow soon.If you have an idea of a particular target set that you would like to see, we would like to hear about it. Navigate to the “Contact Us” and drop us a note.
Q: Can I use The GameChanger with my crossbow?
A: We’re working on it! Currently, both GameChanger systems are made for compound or traditional bow target practice only, but as soon as we dial in the backstop a bit we will be able to encourage it’s use with crossbows! Keep checking our FaceBook page and/or website…we’ll be shouting it from the mountain tops as soon as it’s possible!
Q: What is the difference between the GameChanger Original and the GameChanger SnapShot?
A: GameChanger Original offers a personal, professional-size range target experience, while the GameChanger SnapShot is a more portable unit designed to go where the party is!

Q: Where can I purchase The GameChanger and other accessories?
A: Purchasing The GameChanger and accessories couldn’t be easier! We have two convenient purchase methods currently available:

  1. The GameChanger Rotating Archery Systems can be purchased 24/7 on our website,
  2. During regular business hours (M-F, 8-5 EST) you can call in your order: 910-323-7929.

Coming Soon! We will soon be posting geographic dealer contact information so you can quickly locate a dealer near you.

Q: I like The GameChanger, but I have some questions before making the decision to purchase. Do you have a customer service department that can help me?
A. No problem, we would be happy to assist you! You can reach out to us by either using the “Contact Us” form from our website, or just give us a call at 910-323-5311.
Q: Does GC Archery ever show at hunting or tournament expos & shows?
 A: Absolutely! We love to take The GameChanger on the road so we can meet other archery enthusiasts. If there is a particular event where you think GC Archery should benefit by showing, please drop us a note on our “Contact Us” menu tab.
Q. Where can I find information on the shows The GameChanger will be attending?
A. The best way to keep up-to-the-minute on our tradeshow activity is to check out our FaceBook pageBonus! We also use Facebook to post photos of the people we meet up with, the latest product offerings, the most current product reviews by the authorities in the archery world, as well as to keep up with our friends in the archery community! Don’t miss out on the conversation! “Like Us” so you can have the latest news delivered straight to your wall!
Q: Do you have brochures showing all the products offered by GC Archery?
 A: Sure! You can view or print a copy of our brochure from our website by going to the menu tab labeled “Literature”.
Q: I own an archery shop and would like to sell The GameChanger to my customers. Do you have a dealer program?
A. Yes. We are always looking for new avenues to get the best new archery target on the market in front of a new audience. Click “Dealer Information” on our websites’ menu tab, and you’ll find dealer requirements and a Dealer Credit Application that you can type in and print, as well as instructions for submitting for consideration.
Q: What’s next for GC Archery?
 A: We are expanding the GameChanger System products and accessories all the time! Here’s a sneak preview of some of the exciting things to look forward to:

  • The addition of GameChanger accessories such as target covers and paper tuner attachments.
  • A WeedEnder® weed control mat for all of your targets, so you don’t have to move them while cutting your grass. (
  • We are developing new image target rolls such as Wild Turkeys, Non-Typical Deer. Also, to get the kids attention and keep their interest in pursuing archery, a brand new Dinosaur Image Roll!
  • We are going to be offering wild animal image rolls with ASA/IBO scoring rings to simulate your own private 3-D shoot.
  • The introduction of a 20-Image Tournament Style Roll, complete with ASA/IBO scoring rings, turns your GameChanger into a personal 3-D archery tournament target without the clutter of 20 different 3-D animals in your backyard!