Neal Amos, South Carolina

I bought my first bow in 2004 with the intent to hunt and spend time in the outdoors with family and friends. I became involved with the competitive side of archery in 2005 and have been addicted ever since. I began my archery career helping around the shop at Badgerland Archery in Portage, WI. Jeff Mueller was the owner of the shop and has been a major influence for me in archery. I worked as a tech at the shop on and off for several hunting seasons.I began to compete in 3-D shortly after I first visited the shop. I competed mostly at local events and the M.A.C. qualifiers throughout the state. I also competed in the HSO Regionals in 2007.

I continued to compete on a local level until 2009 when I was located in South Carolina for work. I sustained an eye injury as a welder, and did not shoot again until late in 2011. I was also engaged to my wonderful fiancée that same year. We started Underground Archery Products in 2012 and have dedicated our business to helping improve the ability of others though producing quality equipment and the knowledge to make the most of that equipment.

Over the last 2 years I have been competing and helping others in competition on a local and national level. I am very blessed to be able to make a living in a sport and industry I love so much. I’m also very thankful for the sponsors that make it possible for me to be competitive. My GameChanger target makes practice a lot more fun, and has turned my yard into my favorite practice range.