Travis Ballard, Georgia


My dad put a bow in my hands around the time I was two years old, and it’s hardly left my grasp since.  I grew up in North Carolina with a father who taught me how to respect our environment while pursuing the sports of bow hunting and 3D archery.

As a youth, I competed in many archery tournaments, but it wasn’t until I harvested my first whitetail with a bow at age 12 that I discovered a passion for bow hunting.

Over the years, I have harvested over 80 whitetails with a bow.  I experienced my first western elk hunt a few years ago and I have hunted elk and bear in Montana, Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico.  A trip out west has now become an annual ritual.

A few years back, a friend took me to a 3-D archery tournament, and I rediscovered the thrill of competition.  I’ve since earned such honors as Shooter of the Year and Open B state champion as well as ASA podium finishes and many local tournament wins.  Additionally, I have set up a full 3-D course on my property in Georgia where fellow archers can hone their skills. Also, I am on Pro Staff for Monster Calls and Scents and Black Eagle arrows.

I have two sons of my own, and sharing my passion of the outdoors is one of the greatest joys in life.  I hope that I can be like my own dad and instill a love of hunting in them as he did in me.